Bright Toward Industrial Company Limited (TOWARD RELAYSTM  as a brand ) is a manufacturer of Solid State Relays, Reed Relays, and RF MEMS Switches.


Company Description

    Bright Toward Industrial Company Limited (TOWARD RELAYSTM  as a brand ) is a manufacturer of Solid State Relays, Reed Relays, and RF MEMS Switches. We have been serving Taiwan and the world’s semiconductor and automotive industries for over three decades. Our main factory is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, with 250 employees and 18 million in equipment and manufacturing facilities such as 1k grade clean rooms. Our secondary factory is located in Zhejiang, China, with more than 100 workers and 3 million paid-in capital. Worldwide sales offices are located in Singapore, Germany, San Jose, Rhode Island, Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, and Taipei.

Reed Relays 

Our Reed Relays are developed with an extensive focus on stable quality and the wide variation of specifications to suit different market’s switching demands. For example, the LRL Series High-Voltage Reed Relay can load voltage up to 20,000V with the TMR Series High-Current Reed Relay carrying current up to 30Amps. In terms of stable quality, some of our reed relays perform low and stable contact resistance at 20mΩ with insulation resistance up to 1014Ω. More general-purpose reed relays are also mass-produced, focusing on lower prices and maintaining high and durable quality. Combining our overall production capacity, we can produce up to 2,000,000 pcs of reed relays monthly.  

 Solid State Relays 

Our Solid-State Relay product line comprises the following products: First, Opto-MOSFET Relays, which focuses on miniature size (4.4mm*4.3mm) and unlimited lifetime. Next, our Silicon Carbide Opto-MOSFET Relays can load voltage up to 3300V while maintaining the miniature size and unlimited lifetime. Additionally, our high current solid-state relays can carry current up to 125Amps. Further, we provide general-purpose miniature solid-state relays with the inclusion of triac and MOSFETs. Lastly, we offer a wide range of choices of various specifications such as load voltage, carry current, resistance, insulation, isolation, package type, size, and a lot more with our general-purpose solid-state relays. Most of our solid-state relays' production is done in 1k grade cleanrooms located in our Hsinchu main factory with ISO9001 and IATF16949 automotive certifications. The monthly production capacity of Opto-MOSFET Relays is at 7,000,000 pcs. 

RF MEMS Switches 
Our strategic partner: Menlo Micro’s RF MEMS switches offer high power, low loss, high linearity, low power needs, high reliability (3 billion switching operations or more), airgap isolation, fast switching and tiny size (2.5mm*2.5mm). These switches are backed by General Electric’s advanced material science and Corning’s mature Through-Glass-Via technology. This enables robust and highly reliable switches capable of greater than 25 W forward power. Ideal solution for replacing large RF electromechanical relays, as well as RF microwave solid-state switches in applications where linearity and insertion loss are critical parameters. 


"Enriching your design."

We have been committed to R&D and manufacturing of relays with various specifications for over three decades. We concentrate extensively on stable and impressively good quality. This is one reason why significant semiconductors and tester manufacturing corporations place their long-term trust in us.



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