B.T / Bright Toward Industrial Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of Solid State Relays, Reed Relays and RF MEMS Switches.

B.T is a high-quality RF MEMS Switch, Opto-MOS Relay ,Opto-MOSFET Relays, Reed Relay, Solid State Relay manufacturer from Taiwan. With more than 30 years relay manufacture experience, Bright Toward is specialised in manufacturing different kinds of relays. since 1988.

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Product Category

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Opto-MOSFET Relays - Opto-MOS Relays available in various specifications and different package types.

Opto-MOSFET Relays

Our Opto-MOSFET Relays are semiconductor solid-state relays with an LED as an input and MOSFET as an output....

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Reed Relays - High Voltage Reed Relays, High Current Reed Relays, Vertical Reed Relays, RF Reed Relays, Miniature Reed Relays.

Reed Relays

TOWARD RELAYS™ has been committed to the design and manufacture of Reed Relays with various specifications....

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RF MEMS Switches - These switches are backed by Menlo Micro along with General Electric's advanced material science combined with Corning’s Glass-based technology.

RF MEMS Switches

Our RF MEMS switches offer high power, low loss, high linearity, low power needs, high reliability (3 billion...

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Solid State Relays - Toward Solid-State Relays includes various specifications and package types.

Solid State Relays

TOWARD RELAYS™ Solid State Relay can satisfy customer's needs as it switches high current from...

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B.T - A professional manufacturer of Relays in various industries all over the world.

Located in Taiwan since 1988, Bright Toward Industrial Co., LTD. is a relay supplier and manufacturer. Main products, including Opto-MOSFET Relays, Opto-SiC MOSFET Relays, Solid State Relays, Reed Relays, And RF MEMS Switches, etc.

B.T supplies relays to the world's semiconductor and automotive industries for over three decades and has long term long-term partnerships with OKITA Works based in Japan; Menlo Microsystems based in California; JEL Systems based in Japan and Teledyne Relays and Coax Switches based in California. Mainly serve the Semiconductor Testing, ATE, BMS (Battery Management Systems), industrial machinery and Electric Vehicle industries.

B.T has been offering customers high-quality Opto-MOSFET and Opto-SiC MOSFET relays since 1988, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, B.T ensures each customer's demands are met.